Certification Options

MAT® Certification Options

Four MAT® Specialist modules are available: Upper Body, Lower Body, Hand & Foot plus Trunk & Spine. Each body module consists of a 12-week online course plus a 2-day lab at MAT® headquarters. Take one or take them all!

This 36 credit program can be completed in as few as 4 quarters. Each 12 week online MAT® module concludes with a required, 2-day lab at the state of the art MAT® Headquarters in Denver, CO. All coursework must be successfully completed to attend the 2-day lab and test for MAT®certification.

Six MAT® Mastery Modules are available: lower body, upper body, trunk & spine, cervical spine, foot function, and wrist & hand. These 6 week, self-paced modules conclude with a required 2-day lab at MAT® headquarters.

The Rx program is for those practitioners who have achieved Master Level status in MAT® or have attended the appropriate Master level classes on a schedule that exceeds the basic requirements needed for continuing education.

*In partnership with Broadview university, this program is eligible for financial aid.

MAT® Headquarters

99 Inverness Dr. East, Suite 200
Englewood, CO 80112

I need a refresher course

Any certification program can be repeated within one year of the last day that you participated in a course. Our refresher course is $400. Register now

I need a replacement Manual

Each certification course and program comes with an extensive collection of illustrated instructions. Practitioners can purchase an additional set of manuals for each certification course completed for $250 per course.