Certification Options

At Muscle Activation Techniques® we offer many certification options to fit your needs. We are partnered with Broadview University to offer a hybrid of online learning with in-person practical labs.

Specialist Certification

Take your Career to the Next Level: A comprehensive and intensive exercise physiology education program where students develop the skills to assess and treat isolated muscle weakness throughout the body.

We offer an Associate’s Degree, Certificate, and module based pathway to MAT® Specialist Certification through Broadview University. Select an option below to learn more!

Mastery Specialist Certification

Fine-tune Your Practical Skills: Advanced exploration & practical application of Muscle Activation Techniques® even more precisely address imbalances in specific divisions of the body.

Through our partnership Broadview University we offer two options for Master Specialist Certification. We offer an online, module based based pathway and as well as a Bachelor of Science in Muscle Activation Techniques® .

MATRx ® Program

An Elite MAT® Program: An innovative and very precise process derived from the most advanced Muscle Activation Techniques. The MATRx ® program is a sequence of prescriptive rules to address muscle contractile deficiencies.

In partnership with Broadview University , we are excited to offer both a module based pathway to MATRx® certification, as well as a Master of Science (MSM) in Management with an Emphasis in MATRx®

Refresher Modules

Enhance Your Practice: A set of courses to maintain and advance your existing Muscle Activation skills. The refresher modules are designed for current MAT® Specialists to continue to strengthen their skills as practitioners of Muscle Activation Techniques®. Modules are offered exclusively online though our partnership with Broadview University .

We currently offer refresher modules at the MAT® Specialist level.

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Benefits of MAT® Certification

Differentiate yourself from other health industry professionals

Deliver the benefits of Muscle Activation Techniques® to your clients

Address a void in the conventional rehabilitation and exercise protocols

Explore the complexity of the muscular system’s role in injuries and performance enhancement