MATRx® Modules

Online MATRx®  Modules

The MATRx® program is for those practitioners who have achieved MAT® Mastery Level certification

Greg Roskopf teaches MAT Rx Students

By implementing these principles, you will be able to further improve the results that you are having with your clients. These classes will demonstrate how powerful the MATRx® principles can be if you apply the principles throughout the whole body. MATRx® is the future of MAT®.

These 12 week, self-paced modules conclude with a required 4-day lab at the MAT® Headquarters in Denver, Colorado. All coursework must be successfully completed to attend the 4-day lab and test for certification. A certificate of completion for the modules will be provided by Broadview University. The MAT® certification is granted by MAT®. After completing and passing all modules, participants will be considered MATRx® Full Body certified

MAT® and MATRx® have changed and profoundly impacted my life, both personally and professionally. I am so thrilled to have found MAT so many years ago, and now the really exciting Rx process. It has helped me in my own healing and physical endeavors, and with all my very grateful patients. It has given me tools that Physical Therapy School did not, and could not. I have so much more knowledge about the body, biomechanics, muscle function, assessment, treatment, injury prevention, arthrokinematics, appropriate exercise, and how to effectively facilitate the healing in others.

Sharon Switzer, M.S., P.T.

Certified MATRx Specialist

Benefits of the Elite MATRx® Program

  • Learn the most advanced total body process to achieve improved results
  • Focus on techniques that can deliver even greater contractile abilities, a higher muscular stress threshold, and an increased ability for the muscles to “hold” this contractile ability
  • The student is prepared to achieve certification in advanced MAT® techniques.